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Amy Michelson is a three time recipient of the prestigious Couture Bridal “Designer of the Year” Award and 2008 Modern Bride “Trendsetter Loving Spirit” Award.

Amy is the founder of LOVE IS THE CURE, a non profit organization uniting individuals and the wedding industry to help women and their families meet the challenges of breast cancer.

In her signature style of spiritual luxury, Amy also creates an interior décor collection of Sacred Wall Jewelry for matrimonial altars, homes, spas and hotels.

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To meet the needs of today’s fashion conscious bride, Amy Michelson creates a signature look of soft sensuality infused with a modern confidence.

Amy’s luxurious silk gowns are cut to look sexy, liquid and feminine. Sophisticated and elegant, Amy’s bias cut wedding gowns evoke the enchantment of Hollywood’s golden era yet are fresh and of the moment.

Born in Wyckoff, New Jersey to a Quaker family, Amy was inspired by her mother and grandmother, both artists.  She studied fine art at Bard College and fashion at New York’s Parsons School of Design.  Beginning her career in fashion by renovating antique clothing for celebrities, Amy had her own design and manufacturing company by the ripe age of 22 and was instantly embraced by major retailers and fashion editors. 

With the success and notoriety of her life on Seventh Ave., Hollywood called and Amy moved to Los Angeles to star in a number of roles over several years, including appearances in the films Wired and Burglar, guest spots on TV’s China Beach and Head of The Class and a season long stint on Falcon Crest as the amorous, yet tragic character, Kelly.

Through Show Biz friends, Amy and Holly Harp were introduced, and Amy returned to the world of fashion to design the Amy Michelson for Holly Harp Couture Eveningwear Collection.  Amy rose quickly in stature and visibility as a designer/spokesperson frequently featured in fashion publications and on national television.  Her celebrity clientele includes Michelle Pfeifer, Kim Basinger, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Selma Hayek and Geena Davis to name but a few. 

As a couture bridal designer with a global brand, Amy now delights in bringing essential elements of glamour and fashion into the realm of romance. 

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